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Jon Wilks Associates

Lead. Change. Inspire


Motivational Speaker

Leading and inspiring teams to high performance outcomes is what Jon is all about.


He is your go-to option for high energy, fully interactive, thoroughly researched and effective leadership and customer service training. He also earns rave reviews for his conference speaking engagements.


If you want box-ticking, boring, and formulaic training and presenting guaranteed to droop the eyelids and elicit a sigh of resignation from your people, then you are on the wrong website!


If you want boosted engagement, authentic commitment and measurable high-impact effectiveness then keep browsing!


He’s been there, seen it and done it with some of the biggest and best companies in the world, as well as for the smallest and best. Hire him today to turbo-charge your results and morale.

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Lead. Change. Inspire.

Lead. Change. Inspire.

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